Company Background:

Millions of consumers around the world want to buy products from US-EU websites, but can’t as these retailers will not ship internationally, or only deliver to a limited number of countries. This has given rise to services locally such as Parcel Motel that help Irish consumers access eCommerce websites abroad. ZipKode, we make it easier for you to receive packages from your favourite US retailers. With our virtual address and parcel forwarding service, you’ll never have to miss out on US-exclusive products, discounts, and seasonal deals.

Problem Statement:

In terms of service innovation, several key planned features offer customers services such as package consolidation, content verification and other cost and time saving measures that are unavailable with other services (such as AddressPal).

Project Objective:

Working with the ZipKode Team to apply AI to the following areas:

  • Package Consolidation
  • Content Verification
  • Cost and Time Saving Measures