Company Background:

Trave provides a digitalisation service for the construction industry, providing main contractors with greater insight to how projects are progressing and ability to manage the costs involved.

Problem Statement:

Processing and sorting material documentation adds a significant overhead to construction firms.

Project Objective:

Develop a solution that can automatically extract the relevant information from vendor purchase quotes and sort them in a manner that makes it easier for a quantity surveyor to make fast decisions.


Using Microsoft OCR platform, Trave plan to build a cloud based solution that can read and extract the important information on material documentation, and present that to the quantity surveyor.

Project Stage:

The concept and workflow has been developed. Now Trave is working to develop out a Proof-Of-Concept which will allow them to test and demonstrated the solution.

Next Steps

Pilot to Production by Q2


Service to SaaS Platform, IP, Competitive Differentiation, Employment