Isaac Care

Company Background:

Isaac Care provide smart devices that allow a care team to monitor the health and wellbeing of care recipients.

Problem Statement:

When a care recipient has to stay over in hospital for a number of days, it can have a lasting effect on their quality of life and their life expectancy.

Project Objective:

Identify some early indicators of a newly developing medical condition, so that the care team could intervene with appropriate measures, potentially avoiding a hospital visit.


Part 1: A solution, built in AWS, that digests the data streamed from the care recipient’s monitors, processes the data and stores it in a database.
Part 2: Implement a solution that identifies if a care recipient is going to the toilet more often than usual and flags an alert to the care team.

Project Stage:

The workflow of the solution is being developed and the data streaming & storage infrastructure is being investigated.

Resource Partners:

Insight, AWS

Next Steps

AI Platform in Pilot with 100 End Users in Jan /Insight engagement in March


Increased IP, Revenue, Employment, Competitive Differentiation