Identifying an Incubator Project in your Enterprise

Our Incubator projects are aimed at helping you compete.


  • Do you have a Concept to make your Business run Better, Faster, Simpler, Cheaper ?
  • Do you have a Concept for a new Product ?
  • Do you have a Concept for a new way to serve your Customer ?

Fill the application form to describe your proposed project. This includes making a commitment to have your people directly involved with us on the project.

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We work with you to Create a Project Plan with Clear Deliverables & Milestones

We track progress with you in a bi-weekly Project Review Meeting


We work with you to identify Patterns in the data, leading to a better understanding of Process Controls

We review the Patterns to generate Options for better performance


Depending on the type of project, we make recommendations on what Technology to deploy to achieve you Concept

  • Prediction Algorithm
  • Analytics Service
  • Expert System
  • Robotic Process Automation
  • Computer Vision
  • Factory Floor Robots
  • Real-Time Measurements