Company Background:

Exitex has been manufacturing a range of door & window seals for the construction industry for over 40 years. They employ over 80 members of staff at their Dundalk facility and ship over 2000 different product ranges.

Problem Statement:

Customers send sales orders as email attachments. Currently 4 staff members are processing these orders manually, costing up to 8000 human hours per year.

Project Objectives:

Automate how we process sales orders to free up our staff members for more valuable work.


Use Azure’s OCR platform to extract and sort text from the sales orders and automatically input them into the ERP system. The solution uses Azure’s Form Recogniser Studio, Function Apps and Blob Containers. A human-in-the-loop system provides human oversight

Project Stage:

Proof-Of-Concept has been developed and now the solution is being integrated into Exitex’s systems for testing in the real world.

Resource Partners

DVH, Microsoft

Next Steps

Pilot to Production by Q2 /Funding with EI Digital Business Innovation


Substantial Cost Reduction in Overheads