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AI in HealthCare

DVH are currently accepting applications for our new four-day on-site ‘AI in Healthcare’ programme, created in in partnership with the Connected Health & Wellbeing, the Data Innovation Hub, and funded by InterTradeIreland.

We welcome applicants including:

  • Healthcare startups across island of Ireland
  • SMEs transitioning into the healthcare sector from other industries such as technology and fintech.
  • AI academics aiming to commercialize their in-house Intellectual Property (IP).
  • Healthcare providers and clinicians (NHS /HSE / Private) who have AI ideas for commercialization but may lack technical or business skills

Join us on our webinar to find out more.

Q&A session at the end.

The ‘AI for Healthcare’ Introductory Programme focuses on four in-person training sessions on technical innovation and AI health opportunities whilst also building on all-island networking and collaboration.

Each day (10am to 3pm) will commence with a Masterclass, with later shorter talks from industry, clinicians, and technical experts. The locations are in Dundalk, Monaghan, and Armagh.

The costs are 100% funded by our partners, but it is imperative that participants are able to attend all four in-person events.

Please click HERE to complete the short application form https://bit.ly/3OUlZHb

Application Deadline is Sunday, September 17th

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Our next highly successful AI Incubator is taking place in October.

Our Incubator projects are aimed at helping you compete.

  • Do you have a Concept to make your Business run Better, Faster, Cheaper ?
  • Do you have a Concept for a new Product ?
  • Do you have a Concept for a new way to serve your Customer ?

Click the button below and fill out the application form to describe your proposed project. This includes making a commitment to have your people directly involved with us on the project. 

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Webinar Playback

Missed our FREE Webinar on July 6th – watch it back here.

During the FREE webinar, we  introduced the AI Project Incubator Program , which aims to collaborate with North East companies to develop AI-based innovations. Program participants will have access to both in-house and leading technical resources and training, covering topics such as the “AI Project Playbook,” Cloud Computing, Big Data, infrastructure, Edge Computing, and more.

The Data Value Hub are delighted to announce that we are accepting applications for our next highly successful AI Incubator starting on Tues September 5th 2023. Find out more by watching our webinar.

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Past Events

Unleashing the potential of AI innovation

Tue, 14 March 2023, 11:00 – 11:30 GMT

The Data Value Hub are delighted to announce that we are accepting applications for our next highly successful AI Incubator starting on April 18th.

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Productivity with Microsoft 365

Learn how to gain 15 % extra time per week by using Office 365 in a better way.

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Robotic Process Automation For Your Enterprise

Enterprises can automate tedious processes with Robotic Process Automation, this frees up the team to work on more important tasks.

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Cyber Security in the Post Covid World

Effective Cyber Security is essential to the success of all Enterprises. Businesses are experiencing rising Cyber threats and can learn how to meet these challenges to minimise disruption.

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Fundamentals of AI

Fundamentals of AI focuses on how you can use Machine Leading to make better decisions faster.

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Getting Started with AI

Hear from the experts on how to Getting your AI project started, with a particular focus on Machine Learning.

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Benefits of AI

Benefits of AI is all about how to Make Better Decisions Faster in your Enterprise.

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Winning with Data

Hear from inspirational speakers on the power of Data to make better business decisions faster.

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