Company Background:

Errigal is a construction company with a focus on large scale commercial projects. The company employs over 250 staff members and a further 1000 contractors.

Problem Statement:

Processing time sheets for employees and contractors has an enormous administration overhead, while many of the clock-in devices are unreliable and unsuitable for construction sites.

Project Objectives:

  • Facial Recognition on the Edge
  • Eliminate Recognition Errors
  • Scaling
  • Governance


A tablet linked with Azure’s facial recognition tool and placed onsite will allow an easy to use clock-in solution. Creating a local LoRaWAN network can provide fault tolerance for loss of signal, making the solution more reliable.

Project Stage:

Facial recognition solution is built and currently operating on Errigal’s active construction sites. The next stage is to build in fault tolerance for loss of signal, allowing the solution to be used as a health and safety tool.

Resource Partners:

ICHEC, Microsoft

Next Steps

EuroCC funding with ICHEC


Increased Productivity/Reduce Risk