Industry 4.0 Readiness Assessment

Competing with Data is all about understanding the gap between where you are today and where you need to be.


The Enterprise Maturity Framework helps you understand the steps you need to take to Compete with Data.


Using our Enterprise Maturity Framework, we assess your Enterprise against 2 dimensions;

  • Process Maturity is all about Lean Sigma Readiness
  • Digital Maturity is about AI Readiness


The Assessment Report identifies your current state and when you want to be in 3 years. This facilitate a conversation about the actions you can take to improve your competitiveness.


Few Enterprises are at Level 5 but it is important to have a Plan to get to Level 4 at least. You have to assume your competitor is already working on improving their Enterprise Maturity.

What Technology is right for your Enterprise?

Each technology has its own merits

Data Domain for Artificial Intelligence Value Proposition AgriFood and Beverages Manufacturing products Engineering making equipment and parts Architecture & Construction Management Transport and Logistics Financial Services & Legal Services Retail & Hospitality
ERP Optimising Systems Enterprise Resource Planning – Forecast , Schedule, Optimise X X X X X X X
Expert Systems Inference Engines, Knowledge Base X X X X X X X
Factory Floor Robots Automate manual process effectively, reactive machines X X X
Robotic Process Automation Software Automate manual process effectively, reactive machines X X X X X X X
News Feeds Increase customer engagement X X X X X X
Machine Learning Algorithms Forecast Utilisation, Predictive Analytics, Price/Purchase Prediction, Virtual Sales Assistant X X X X X X X
Computer Vision Quality Assurance, Virtual Diagnostics, high speed Image recognition X X X X X X
Chatbots & Intelligent Agents Customer Service, Customer Experience, Personal Productivity, Knowledge Management X X X X X X X
Speech Recognition Speech to Text, Text to Speech, Language translation X X X X X X X
Augmented Reality Equipment maintenance and training, Virtual Shopping X X X X
Virtual Reality Teleconferencing, virtual Exhibition / product demonstration X X X X X
Natural Language Processing Language Translation, Interpreting text (unstructured data), Converting to structuted data X X X X X
Autonomous Vehicles & Drones Safe movement, safe delivery X X X X
Quantum Computing Solve intractable Business Optimisation problems rapidly, improve data encryption X X X X X X X
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